Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Evolution of a product...Petra's attempt #3

From Petra on her third attempt...

I started on this quest because I loved the concept… have a scrub that does not need a preservative, is single use, isn’t oily so it won’t clog the drain, softens reasonably well so that it can be used, nice consistency, and does a good job of scrubbing.

I think I am close. I have one more final tweak I want to try, but honestly, I am happy with the way it works right now. Did it turn out like the ones at Lush? No, I don’t think so. Mine are not as hard and still have a different consistency, but based on what I have read, the Lush scrubs vary depending on how long they have been sitting around and that the “fresh” ones are better.

Here is what I used for batch #3:
Sugar 29%,
Baking soda 26%,
Cream of Tartar 18%,
SLSa 16%
VCO 10%
fragrance (I used a cellulite EO blend)

I love the virgin coconut oil in this. I think it is the nature of this oil to not feel super moisturizing, I am OK with that. I think we have come to expect our scrubs to do everything. I only need my scrub to do it primary job well.
I used SLSa (Sodium Laureth sulfoacetate) because that is what I had on hand. I would have preferred to use some of my CP soap as a surfactant instead, but I have yet to figure out how to get it to a nice fine powder. I don’t want to leave it out, since I do believe that it helps with the use of the scrub.

I used a lot more cream of tartar than Susan, and honestly, I’m not sure this was necessary. According to info I found, “it is the acidic ingredient in some brands of baking powder. It is also used to produce a creamier texture in sugary desserts such as candy and frosting, because it inhibits the formation of crystals.” Maybe it needs to be there to keep the scrub at a consistent texture?

I used regular store brand white sugar for the last 2 batches. Raw sugar was all I had on hand for batch #1, so I used it, but it was way too scrubby and I believe drew in moisture making it a bit of a rogue as time went on. Combined with the baking soda, which acts as a supplemental exfoliator, I think it has the right degree of scrubbiness.

One deviation I allowed myself is that I like mine molded into smaller pieces. The original was a very large clump, that was too big for one use , but needed to be cut or broken into smaller pieces to be used. Might as well start smaller.

For my last batch, I am going to try
White sugar 33%
Baking soda 28%
Cream of Tartar 13%
VCO 12% (I might use just a little butter, maybe 10/2 split)
SLSa 12%
Fragrance (I had been using lemon verbena EO blend, the last batch I used an EO blend for cellulite that I blended many moons ago - might as well make these suckers work for me!)

Thanks, Petra! We're getting close!

If you've been playing along, send your recipe and a picture (please!) to Swift (aka Susan) and share your thoughts!

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Heela said...

Do you mind if I ask if you have had any success with the cellulite EO blend? I am trying to work on a blend, but there seem to be way too many options. Thanks!