Friday, November 27, 2009

Evolution of a product - update!

If you've been following along, you'll know Petra and I have been trying different recipes in an attempt to replicate Lush's Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub. (You can find the posts here...) I have never used this product, but I'm hoping to buy one this weekend to see if I'm getting close.

I admit I'm still not happy with the moisturization level of this product, but I know I'm picky and I think I expect too much from one tiny bar. I haven't tried either coconut oil or virgin coconut oil in this product yet - I have bought some coconut oil and will try it this weekend - so perhaps that's the difference? (Although if either is more moisturizing than shea or mango butter, I'd be surprised!)

I will say that it's not a wise idea to use a vanilla based fragrance oil (like Cream Cheese Frosting) in a product like this without using vanilla stabilizer. The lovely whiteness of this bar was no more after about a week - it was a lovely brown. Not an issue for me, but someone else using might think something was wrong! I will change the fragrance oil to something less vanilla-y for the next batch so we can keep the beautiful whiteness (and I think a titch of titanium dioxide would probably help with the colour as well).

If you're playing along at home, send your recipes and pictures to me (Swift!) so we can share with others. We're hoping to have a few versions of this posted before Christmas!

And if you've got an idea for the next challenge, post it here! I have two weeks off at Christmas, and I'm dying to get into the workshop and play mad cosmetic scientician!

Having said this, I did get a challenge to replicate Dove's Intense Moisture Conditioner - a conditioner with the only cationic quat being cetrimonium chloride, and I do have a ton of that on its way to my house! - but since I've never used it and it's not on the market any more, it's probably not something I can honestly say I've replicated!

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