Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chocolate making in Abbotsford!

I hope you had fun last night, despite the melting mess ups with the microwave! But there are no such things as mistakes, just things we know don't work! Remember the techniques we learned last night can be applied to dark and milk chocolate - we used white so we could have fun with colours - and can be used with Callebut and Guittard chocolates, as long as they are described as "melting" wafters or "melting chocolate".

For information on chocolate making basics, please click here!

If you want to get more elaborate, painting the chocolates in different colours or adding fillings, please click here!

If you're looking for molds, lollipop sticks, colours and so on, you can get supplies at Michael's, Scoop & Save in Langley, or Dickins in Chilliwack. The dollar stores are great for cellophane bags and twist ties, as is that party store next to A Great Notion on George Ferguson way.

Oh, and the colours you'll find at Michael's are likely oil based colours - they are more expensive and tend to be less intense than the powdered colours. Bring your 40% off coupon to save! And if you have some silicone ice cube trays, you can use those as molds.

Have fun making chocolate!

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