Friday, November 6, 2009

Chilliwack craft group: Mineral make-up

I'm going to be featuring some of the mineral make-up recipes from craft group over the next few days. We'll start with Emily's Wonderland...

2 scoops magnesium violet
5 scoops red mica
1 scoop base (alternate base)
3 scoops lemon pop mica
4 scoops tangerine pop mica

So now you've found out how much fun making your own eye shadow can be, go out there and make some more!

All the recipes on this site for eye shadow colours!

Where do I get my supplies? You can get all the basic ingredients, as well as containers and spoons and suchk at Suds & Scents in Abbotsford (call Tanna and ask if you can order by e-mail and pick it up from her!), Aquarius in Mission, or Voyageur Soap & Candle in Surrey. The Pop micas - those really colourful ones - are only available on-line from TKB Trading in the States. (If you really enjoy making eye shadows, let me know and I can share some of what I have with you!)

Now go out there wearing your newest creations and smile when someone asks, "What eye shadow is that?" because you can answer, "Oh, I made it. Isn't it gorgeous!!!"

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Mich said...

Of course, once friends get used to your cool MMU, they start complimenting you like, "Awesome lipgloss! I'd love that shade!" and you have to confess that it was a Clinique freebie...