Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Regretsy...and my thoughts about selling.

My blog recommendation for a good laugh today is Regretsy, a blog detailing some of the hideous crafts available on Etsy (Warning: Contains some very not safe for work or people under 18 kind of things...enter at your own risk!)

Regardless of what you think about this site - some people think it's mean to mock some of the strange things sold on Etsy - it is food for thought. It seems like everyone who starts a new craft immediately thinks of a way to sell it. And let's be honest...very few people get rich from crafting! It can be a nice way to pay for supplies and feel good about what you're making, but it's very difficult to recoup the time and energy you put into making those products selling one at a time.

An aside...I know some people make a good living at selling their handmade products of all sorts - yay! - but it seems as if they have to work extra mega ultra hard to make a good wage. People love the idea of handcrafted, but they want Wal-mart prices. My mom is a dressmaker who apprenticed for SEVEN years in England, and she can't get more than $7 for a hem that takes some time because she is doing it properly.

No one wants to buy something they think they can make themselves, and it seems craft fairs are filled with people who are there for ideas, not to buy. (I saw a sign once over a candle stall, "You think you'll make this at home, but you won't.") I have talked to more than one cardmaker who made nothing at a fancy fair because people were fishing for ideas, not cards.

I've seen so many people make one bath and body product, then run out and sell it. My favourite of all time has to be the lip gloss made from lime or lemon juice, sugar, and Vaseline. (Insert frustrated scream here...)

I've tried selling a few times and I can't be bothered. I like to make what I want when I want and experiment with new fragrances, ingredients, oils, and so on.

If you choose to sell your products, all the power to you. Make sure you know what you're doing before you even think about selling. Get your products tested. Send out samples to your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers and accept their criticism as a way of improving your products. Get some insurance. Charge a fair price that doesn't undercut other people and makes you a good profit. Don't make unwarranted claims. Use preservatives. And make a wonderful product that will make your customers happy!

Thus endeth the rant...


Ai Shiang said...

I am glad that I landed on your blog about 1 week ago. I started by looking at the lotion making mathematics part. That sure got me thinking! Haha!

I have to say there are lots of very useful writing on your blog.

I will be visiting a lot more from now, marking you in my "stalking list" :o)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your post...I've seen lots of sellers and also people on you tube that really have no clue about the ingreds that they are using in their products...The ones that really scare me are the ones that say that it's safe for lips, face, and eyes and you know that some of those ingreds are not safe for lips or eyes...I only make products for my family and friends and have done research for all the ingreds I use...

Thanks for having such a fantastic blog!...I enjoy reading it everyday!