Sunday, September 13, 2009

Using talc in mineral make-up

I was so surprised by how nice talc felt in my mineral make-up, so I thought I'd do a little experimenting.

From the post on make-up fillers - I used rhapsody talc from TKB Trading as the only filler in a colour grind. I found it did change the colour a bit, but was very smooth and silky. It was fairly transparent, and would make for a great translucent base like my favourite finishing powder base.

Having said this, in my new experiments with iron oxides and talc, it didn't change the colour much. So perhaps it's a mica thing?

So let's try it in the finishing powder!

3 tbsp treated sericite mica
1 tsp micronaspheres
6 scoops rhapsody talc (was 6 scoops calcium carbonate)
6 scoops powdered silk
2 scoops allantoin

What did I think? Wow, just lovely. It feels really nice going on, and it didn't offer too much shimmer on my skin. I am trying it out to see about the oil control, but my first impression is a mighty one indeed!

And with the colour blending? Well, that was just interesting, as you'll see.

How does it react to adding colour? (To see the original finishing powder with colour, please visit this post.)

As I actually did the experiments below before doing the experiment with the finishing powder, I decided to go with 7.5 cc finishing powder base with 1/2 scoop (0.075 cc) colour grind (So that's 15 cc to 0.15 cc colour or 1%). It turned out very nice, very light coloured. I think a little too light, to be honest, as I couldn't see a ton of colour in it (and again, it's a little too pink for my tastes! I have to change that colour blend to include more brown!) It was very nice, although it did sink into the lines in my arm a little too much. Definitely a good addition to the finishing powder, but I'll have to try out the oil control to ensure the colour doesn't morph.

Now I'll add it to the ivory colour grind on its own.

I added 1 cc rhapsody talc to 1 scoop (0.15 cc) colour grind (13% colour). As you can see, the colour has gone a little lighter, but there's no whitening. It was very very intense - I don't think anyone could use this as a foundation! It was super easy to blend with the colour in a bag, and there was little shine. It was very adhesive - I had to get a wet wipe to get the colour off my hand.

I added 2 cc rhapsody talc to 1 scoop (0.15 cc) colour grind (7% colour). You can see the colour is a little lighter on the chart, but on my hand there seemed to be very little difference. Again, the colour was intense and didn't whiten. No shine, but it did look nice. Still very adhesive - wet wipe required!

At 3 cc talc to 1 scoop colour (3.5% colour), it is getting lighter than the grind but there's still no real difference between 1 cc and 2 cc. No whitening, and no shine. The colour is still way too intense and the wet wipe was required to remove the colour from my hand.

I decided to go to 7 cc talc - I was getting tired of seeing tiny changes - with 1 scoop (0.15 cc) colour (2%, the recommended starting point for women with really pale skin). Still too dark for my pale skin, but might be a nice colour for someone with dark skin. No shine and very adhesive. It feels very nice indeed!

Finally, I went to 10 cc talc to 1 scoop (0.15 cc) colour (1.5% colour). It's still quite a good colour and is just about right for my pale skin (although a little pink - but that's the fault of the colour blend. I think it needs more brown or a colour corrector). It's starting to get a tiny shine, but nothing extreme.

I really think this would be a great blend for someone with aging or oily skin - I was shocked how it didn't sink into the lines in my hand the way other fillers do, and it didn't highlight the wrinkles either!

Join me tomorrow for fun with pressing powders!


Mich said...

Hi Susan,
Your color shift might very well be a mica thing. Actually, it might be a POPs mica thing...I've noticed that those colors sometimes have unpredictable undertone issues. Still love them though!

Also, although I consider myself to have very cool coloring, I have to add a lot of yellow IO to match my skin--way more than I would think!

Keep up the great work!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I think you're right, Mich! I've been working on blending various fillers with iron oxides, and the talc did not change the iron oxides! The POP micas do have some titanium dioxide mixed in, which can behave a little unpredictably with other fillers (making pinks pinker, for instance).

I love experimentation! And I thank you so much for sending the samples alone. I have to get on the Incroquat OSC conditioner this week!