Friday, September 11, 2009

Mineral make-up filler round-up: Part 3 of 3

If you've been following along, this is part 3 (of three) taking a look at fillers. I've been using the Paper Cut colour grind (from TKB Trading) with various fillers to see what they do.

My grind: 15 cc (1 tbsp) raspberry pop mica with 3 cc black satin mica. I've been adding 0.75 cc (5 small scoops) of various fillers to 1 cc colour grind, which works out to 43%. Yes, it's too much and I'll note when it's not a normal level in the reviews of each filler.

Colour: It didn't change the colour much, but what sparkle! A lot of sparkle, perhaps too much for some people.
Opacity: Good opacity. It didn't make it more opaque or more translucent.
Feel: This felt just lovely, very slippery and glidy.
Adhesion: Great adhesion. When I rubbed my hand, it stayed on well.

Boron nitride is not the best choice for anyone worried about fine lines or wrinkles. The sparkle doesn't help, and it sunk into my hand lines a little more than I would have liked, really highlighting them. I think using this at 43% is a bad idea - at 5% to 10% it offers a nice shine and slip. At higher levels, it only serves to show just how wrinkly my hands are getting! (I ran out of hand lotion - bad Susan!)

Boron glow

Colour: It didn't change the colour much, although it seems more pink to me. It added a ton of sparkle, though.
Opacity: I would say it was a little more translucent than the boron nitride.
Feel: Gorgeous, lovely, wonderful slip and glide.
Adhesion: Great adhesion. Rubbing my hand did take some of the sparkle away, but the colour remained.

Boron glow adds a ton of sparkle to your mix, so it's not good at high levels if you're worried about fine lines and wrinkles. I love the sparkle for eye shadow, and the feel is just lovely. Again, use it at lower levels for facial products to give yourself a nice glow, just don't use 43%!

Bismuth oxychloride

Colour: It's definitely pinker, but way way more sparkly. It looked pretty cool, but I think most of us don't want THAT much sparkle in anything except an eye shadow.
Opacity: Definitely made the colour more opaque, which it's not supposed to do. At the proper levels, you probably won't see this effect.
Feel: Incredible. Lovely. Creamy and really luxurious.
Adhesion: Good adhesion. The sparkle came away but the colour remained.

I really like the feel of bismuth oxychloride. I understand why people include it in various products - it feels really luxurious, and probably has the nicest after feel (in my opinion) of all the fillers in terms of slip and glide. The dewy glow thing is true, too. There was a sparkle I haven't seen in the other fillers - it seemed more light reflective than sparkly, and I loved the way it looked in an eye shadow. I think my main use would be lipstick or eye shadows.

In a foundation or blush, well...that's different. It sunk right into the lines of my hand and enhanced them beyond description. This is not a product you want to use a lot of in a foundation or blush or other facial product if you are worried about fine lines, not just wrinkles. This really enhanced every line I had! I am going to try playing with it at lower levels with Ronaspheres to see what happens - does the light reflection in the Ronaspheres cancel out the light enhancement in the bismuth oxychloride? - and I realize I'm using it at 43% instead of the recommended 25%. But it really was remarkable how every line showed up as bright as day!

Rhapsody talc (from TKB Trading). Thanks for Mich for the sample! You rock!

Rhapsody talc is a French delaminated talc. It is transparent, offering no whitening, and keeps your colours bright and true. It improves slip and adhesion and offers some lubricity. It is good for pressing powders. And it may or may not add lustre, depending upon who is writing the review.

Information about talc, the mineral and some fascinating facts about talc! (I'm writing about talc tomorrow if you want more information!)

Colour: The colour was supposed to stay true, but it's definitely pinker than the original. But I didn't mind it.
Opacity: Again, it's supposed to be completely translucent, but it added some opacity to the colour.
Feel: Lovely. Very very nice. I didn't think it would be as silky as it was, but it was lovely.
Adhesion: Not as adhesive as I would have liked. I would definitely include something more adhesive with it.

I was suprised by the rhapsody talc! I did not think a talc would be this smooth and silky, but it was. It did morph my colour at the higher levels, but I really need to try this talc in a variety of bases as it was a lovely addition on its own with just the micas.

Join me tomorrow for talc!

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Anonymous said...

I love boron nitride! I find it gives my foundations and blushes such a lovely creamy, silky feel. If I hadn't read about it on your blog I would never have tried it. So thank you Susan. I'm just starting out making my own mineral makeup. There are so many different fillers available I felt so overwhelmed trying to decide what to buy. This series of posts testing fillers individually with a color blend was a huge help. Using these posts and your other MM recipes I was able to get a nice variety of fillers without breaking the bank. So again, thanks.