Friday, July 24, 2009

Sushi soap - melt & pour maki roll!

I'm really loving this flexible soap idea, and I love sushi, so I thought I'd put the two together and make some maki rolls. (I'm working on figuring out the California or Dynamite roll next!)

For this project, you could use a round mold and cut the middle out with an apple corer or a knife, or you could use a mold like this one from Ikea (it's a $2 ice cube mold! Very easy to use!)

First melt and scent your white soap, then pour it into the mold. Remember to spray with rubbing alcohol. Start melting your glycerin soap as the white soap hardens. When it does harden, pop the white soap out of the mold and put on a plate or hard surface with plastic wrap underneath.

Then melt, scent, and colour the clear glycerin soap. Choose a scent that will match the scent of the rice part - I used green tea for all of it because it was on the counter and already had a pipette inside the bottle. If you over pour the coloured soap or if you end up with coloured glycerin soap covering the bottom of your white roll part, don't worry! You can take it off with an X-acto knife, or even cut the little sushi rolls in half to make more! Remember to spray the coloured part as well with rubbing alcohol. I forgot, and it got a little bubbly!

Now the flexible glycerin soap! Thanks for Anne-Marie at the Soap Queen for this wonderful recipe! Add 10% glycerin to your melted soap (I used glycerin soap, but you can use white soap), and colour. I used some green Labcolours and black iron oxide (2 scoops). I can't remember how much soap I used - I think it was about 90 grams or 3 ounces - so I added 9 grams of glycerin. Mix mix mix in the colours and the scent, then pour it onto a silicone baking tray. I had some plastic plates left over from craft group, so I used those. Don't forget to spray it with rubbing alcohol.

How to figure out how much you'll need to wrap your sushi? Do you remember geometry? I sure didn't a few weeks ago, but now I'm taking it again (it's in the name of chemistry!!!) so I remember that finding out the circumference of a circle is pi x diameter. The white part of the roll is 3 cm across, which means I need to have a piece of seaweed soap at least 9.5 cm long and 1 inch high. The pie plate did 10 cm at the longest point, so that worked for me. (But the rest of the circle was pointless!) Use a long container if you can. I have tried a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and that worked well. And I am going to go out and buy a silicone baking pan - but no one in Chilliwack carries one! What's up with that???

I purchased a silpat sheet at Canadian Tire and I'm going to see if that works next!

When the flexible soap has hardened - Anne-Marie recommends 5 to 7 minutes - you can peel it off the sheet and cut it. I used an X-acto knife and a ruler to get my 1 inch pieces.

I stuck the seaweed part of the sushi on to the edge with clear soap, then let it set. Then I slowly rolled it around the edges, then stuck it in place with clear soap. (If you've ever done beeswax candles, the rolling is very similar.)

You can see I used too much glycerin soap to stick this one together. And the soap layer was too thick - it should be much thinner - but I think it looks kind of neat, like the sushi chef went nuts with the nori and couldn't stop rolling it!

Try this with other colours. You can see my yellow wasn't as bright as I would have liked - I'm going to add a titch of peach or orange to it next time - but green would have been nice, or perhaps some brighter pink. And I didn't scent the seaweed...I figured the soap was scenty enough!

You can use this technique for more than sushi rolls. I was thinking about making liquorice all-sorts for Christmas (black in the middle; yellow, pink, or blue for the "rice" part). Or you could core out the middle with an apple corer - instead of using an ice cube tray - and try adding more than just the red bit. (I'm thinking this is how I could make an inside out California roll type maki. Core out the middle, then pour in some black, let that set. Then core it again to put in your colours!)

Join me tomorrow for more melt & pour soap fun!

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