Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soap cupcakes with icing

I love cupcakes - well, if you've read this blog for any length of time, you'll know I'm a foodie - and I do love bath and body products that look like food. I'm preparing for a melt & pour class in Yarrow (and in Chilliwack in September), so I thought I'd take the opportunity to work on soap cupcakes.

I don't make soap - I figure there are people out there who have worked really really hard to create awesome soap and I'm happy to spend money on their products - so I use melt & pour. All the recipes for making icing for soap cupcakes required either making a cold process soap - not an option - or foaming bath butter - again, not an option (I can't find it locally and for a class, the cost is prohibitive). I have tried using cocoa butter or other butters whipped up, but they didn't feel right and reduced the foam on the cupcakes. So I thought about it and realized I could make a syndet icing like a shampoo bar.

BASIC ICING FOR SOAP CUPCAKES (feel free to double or triple - do not quadruple)
25 grams SCI noodles or flakes
25 grams Amphosol CG (coco betaine)
35 grams SLSa
3 grams cetyl alcohol
2 grams fragrance oil (I used Cream Cheese Frosting from Brambleberry!)
Colouring (if desired)

Heat the SCI and coco betaine in a double boiler until the SCI has melted. Add the SLSa and cetyl alcohol and again heat until all ingredients are melted. Mix well with a hand mixer, then put into a piping bag with a cake decorating tip on the end (I used a 1M). Decorate cupcakes. Rejoice.

The reason I say not to quadruple the recipe is that it does set very quickly and you will find it difficult to pipe after about 20 minutes or so. If you want to decorate a ton of cupcakes, you will want to remake the recipe again.

You can use another liquid surfactant, but SCI melts best in an amphoteric surfactant like coco betaine, so this is why I suggest it. I used cetyl because it will harden and will offer some moisturizing - you can substitute stearic acid for a harder and slightly less moisturizing icing. Feel free to add some oils - say up to 3% - to this mixture for more moisturizing!

If you aren't into melt & pour soap, you could use this icing to make some decorations for your bath bomb cupcakes (although it's not going to melt quickly in the tub)!


Anonymous said...

These look great. I'm going to try these today. Is there a way to make melt and pour a little more moisturizing? I've been thinking of adding evening primrose oil. It just seems like melt & pour is never quite as softening enough.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

You can add up to 30 grams or 1 ounce of oils or butters (preferably butter) to a pound of M&P to make it more moisturizing. You could also try different brands of M&P. I know I notice a big difference using the goats' milk or aloe from Voyageur vs. using the stuff from Michael's.

Madame Louise said...

OH MY Gosh~!~! I love you!! Been failing making icing for ages (didn't want to use meringue powder as i've seen in other places)

Words cannot express how much I appreciate your blog right now!

Kristen said...

Hi i really like the simplicity of this recipe, there are very few ingredients. I want to make my family shampoo bars and i noticed the ingredients are almost exactly whats in a Lush shampoo bar. Would this recipe be okay to use for this purpose? Also do i have to melt the first ingredient or can i mix the noodles in with the other ingredients that are melted. SLSa is this the liquid or powder. Sorry about the silly questions im new at these types of recipes, i just make simple cold process soap and i am branching out into other things, theres alot to take in

Katie said...

Great recipe. Love your blog. I like trying new cupcake-bath recipes (fizzies, CP soap, etc.). I think that this would work great on CP soap! Thanks!

Adrienne Taylor said...

Hi.. I love reading everything you post :) I was wondering if SCI and SCS would be interchangeable in this recipe or any recipe?

Creating A Dynasty said...

What purpose would this serve on a soap? Thanks.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Creating a Dynasty. Because it looks cute.

Poet Torres said...

New to soap and bath bomb making. What is SCI?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Poet Torres! Welcome to this awesome hobby? I must warn you, it's easy to become addicted!

SCI is a surfactant. If you do a quick search for it on this blog, you'll find loads of information as it's my favourite one. I also have lists of ingredients on the right hand side of the blog and in the sections like hair care or emollients. Check out the newbie section as I have tons of beginner recipes there!