Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mineral make-up: Part 17 - Browns

Browns, to me, are as essential to my make-up kit as black and white. They are a great neutral colour you can use as a base colour or a liner, in addition to your main eye shadow. (And they look great with pinks!)

Basic brown
3/4 tsp basic eye shadow base
5 scoops brown umber iron oxide
1/2 scoop black-brown iron oxide
1.5 scoops oriental beige mica

4 scoops basic eye shadow base
2 scoops brown-umber iron oxide
2 scoops black satin mica
1 scoop oriental beige

As you can see, we're using the same ingredients for the basic brown and espresso colours - base, brown-umber, a black, and oriental beige - but we're using them in different ratios to get a more intense blend out of the espresso. And we added the black satin mica in place of the black iron oxide to get extra shine in the espresso.

Cappucino - slightly shiny
1/4 tsp basic eye shadow base
2 scoops cappucino mica
5 scoops brown umber iron oxide
2 scoops black-brown iron oxide

This is going to be a deep brown with coppery flecks from the cappucino mica.

Alyssa's Cappucino - shiny shiny!
This was created by a girl in my craft group, Alyssa, who has a flair for colour blending!
3 scoops basic eye shadow base
4 scoops cappucino mica
2 scoops copper

This is a very shiny brown, great for highlighting!

Join me next week for fun with iridescent micas!

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