Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foamer bottles: Facial Cleanser (part 2)

I found yesterday's foamy bottle recipe a bit too much for my skin - it felt great at the time, but it made my skin a little oilier during the day. If you strip too much oil from your skin, it will rebel and produce more! If I'd used my toner afterwards, I'm sure it would have been okay, but I have a new surfactant I want to play with, so it was a cheap excuse to make a second version of this foaming facial cleanser!

It's similar to yesterday's post in that it has a ton of water instead of a ton of surfactants. I thought it needed more moisturizing, so I've included water soluble olive oil (PEG 7 Olivate - love those esters!) and honeyquat as a humectant and conditioning agent. I've included all my lovely hydrosols - I've started using a lot of chamomile because they have it at Voyageur now - and aloe because this needs to be very thin.

FACIAL CLEANSER FOR FOAMER BOTTLES - more conditioning and moisturizing for any skin type

51.5% water
2% honeyquat
3% PEG 7 olivate (water soluble olive oil)
10% SMC Taurate (liquid)
8% Amphosol CG (coco betaine)
10% aloe vera
10% chamomile
3% hydrolyzed protein
2% panthenol
0.5% preservative (Liquid Germall Plus)
1% fragrance or essential oil (optional)

Mix together. Package in foamy bottle. Rejoice.

(Note: Most of these ingredients came from The Herbarie instead of my usual suppliers.)

So how is this different than yesterday's facial cleanser? I forgot to use the lavender hydrosol - next time I'll include it at 10% and reduce the water to 41.5%. It contains SMC Taurate, which is a very mild, very creamy feeling surfactant. (The Herbarie has SMO Taurate now, which is made from olive oil instead of coconut oil. Same thing, different oil.) You could substitute any other mild surfactant - Plantapon or BSB, if you like - in its place. I've added honeyquat as both the conditioning agent and humectant, instead of glycerin and sodium lactate - I felt like playing to see what it would be like. You can use any humectant you like in this recipe if you want to tweak it.

The big difference is the inclusion of all the moisturizers and humectants. I generally wouldn't put oil on my face - it's oily enough! - but the PEG 7 doesn't make me break out, and it adds a conditioned and moisturized feel afterwards. I'm enjoying this one!

Join me tomorrow to create a post crafting hand soap in a foamer bottle!


Nedeia said...

Dear Susan,

Cand I sub the PEG 7 olivate with Sulfated castor oil ?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Nedeia. Why do you want to use the sulfated castor oil at all? The PEG-7 olivate is used as a moisturizer, not a solubilizer. If you don't have it, leave it out! My recipes are always modifiable!

Nedeia said...

I will leave it out :). I was just trying to find some usage for the sulfated castor oil :)

GoddessRobin M said...

Hi Susan...your recipe calls for chamomile. What kind of chamomile? Essential oil? Herbs?
Thanks for your help...I searched long and hard for a good foamer recipe!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi GoddessRobin M. As I mention in the post - " I've included all my lovely hydrosols - I've started using a lot of chamomile because they have it at Voyageur now - and aloe because this needs to be very thin." - it's a hydrosol. You can use an extract if you want, but I don't recommend using the essential oil as it might not emulsify well and it smells very strong, which isn't a bonus on your face.