Friday, July 31, 2009

Dual layer sunglasses case

I love having two pairs of glasses in one case - although my reading glasses will be joining me in craft group for now on because I can't thread a needle any more!!! - but you could carry an iPod or other important device in the other side. (Oh there's a surprise, I've made a sunglass case in sushi fabric!)

For this pattern, I used 100% quilting cotton (sushi fabric, of course...), cotton twill for the middle piece, and a cleaning cloth from Fabricland as the lining to serve double duty as the lining and as a way of cleaning my glasses when I get suntan lotion or moisturizer all over them!

For the pattern (PDF) for this sunglasses case, please click here.

For the instructions (PDF) on how to make this sunglass case, please click here.

The pattern doesn't have rounded corners like the picture, but feel free round the corners yourself. You can reduce the height of this pattern by taking up to 2 inches or 5 cm from the bottom of every piece or just the front piece. I find my glasses fit inside perfectly, but if you want to use the front for something like an iPod shuffle, it's going to get lost!

Happy sewing!

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