Thursday, July 2, 2009

A couple of random links

It's time to go swimming - but what about chlorine in the pool? Read this great post from the BeautyBrains to learn more about how chlorine affects your hair! (I either go swimming in natural bodies of water - I love lakes! - or use a swimming cap. It's one of those ones from the 1970's - I can't get my hair under a small cap as it just pops off! It's yellow, with giant flowers all over it. I look like an Anne Geddes baby!)

And here's a link to a couple of tables from the Cosmetic Ingredient Review!
Cosmetic ingredients found safe as used - a great list sorted by INCI with usage information.
Quick reference table for ingredients - again, sorted by INCI, with usage information and citations of sources!

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7slaper said...

Hi Susan,
I'm sorry to say that the links are dead.
Searching for and individual ingrdient is possible per the alphabet character links on the site.