Friday, July 17, 2009

Chilliwack: Card making class

I hope you enjoyed the card making class yesterday. I was surprised at how many of you liked the lime green cards - I came home with purple and pink, but every last lime green one was gone!

If you liked the cupcake punch, I bought it at Michael's in the Martha Stewart section, although there is another one in the regular punch section. Remember to take your 40% off coupon - it's about $17, so that'll come in handy! I bought most of the glitter paper at Classic on Alexander in Chilliwack, but found the purple and brown at Michael's. I can't remember where I found the silver paper - I think it was at Classic!

I loved the use of the punch as something different - the top can be used as a tree top or a cloud!
Here are a few links to the cards we made yesterday....

Adorable cupcake card from Outside the Lines! Don't forget you can alter this card to put a cherry on top or add some sprinkles. Check out the web page for more ideas on how to decorate this card.

And Outside the Lines brings you the adorable ice cream cone card! (I can't eat ice cream, but I can make cute things shaped like it!) You can make a standy-up one, or you can use it as an adornment for another card you've made. For more ideas on how to make this card, check out Linsey's website!

Check out the patterns section of the Outside the Lines blog for tons of great card making ideas. Now that you've had a taste for it, you're going to want to make tons of your own cards!

Oh, but don't forget to add an envelope! Click here to visit Mirkwood Designs, home of great card and envelope templates. And this is the envelope pattern we used in class yesterday!

Have fun making cards. I have to finish off the thank you cards from the wedding, and you know they're going to be cupcake themed!

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