Thursday, June 18, 2009

There's a new element in town...

And it's name is ununbium, number 112 nestled between Uub and Uuq . It's super-heavy - the heaviest, in fact - made from fusing zinc and lead.

While I'm pleased for the new element and all that, I need an E element for my mental periodic table of the elements Scrabble! (From the category of "really freakin' obvious" I'm a geek...) My name (Susan) and my internet name (Swift) are right out, as are Raymond and Wanda. But I can spell Wanda's husband's name...Cameron (carbon, americium, erbium, oxygen, nitrogen). And he doesn't appreciate it. Sigh.

Although we can spell "think" - thorium, iodine, nitrogen, potassium - nerd and geek are right out! (Wanna play along, then check out this alphabetical list of elements!)

So please, chemists of the world, please find something you can name with an E on its own so I can stencil some funky shirts!

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