Friday, June 5, 2009

Super happy fun wedding crafting!

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the things we crafted or made for the wedding...The nice thing about crafting is that everything can really be about what you truly want. We made a ton of things - our jewellery, our mineral make-up, our body and bath products in wedding cake scent! - and it was truly lovely. (You've seen pictures of the dress and shirt my mom made in previous posts!)

For my bridal shower, I chose to have a girly crafting day and we all made tea light candles in various scents and colours, which we lit at the reception.

Wanda made a series of fabric flags, so we printed out various lands and icons that represented us. You can see the land of Suewanda (to commemorate the time we managed to put up the campsite in 45 minutes by ourselves) and the land of Upper Chesterfieldia (to commemorate the glow in the dark slug wars we used to have from the couch to the bed - West or East Bedrovia).

Wanda made something like 150 little heart shaped cookies and decorated them with "Ray & Sue" or "Sue & Ray", which we put into little bags for our guests to take home.

And Raymond and I made the cake. It was a vanilla cake with lemon filling and sugar icing (from the icing sugar bag - it was awesome)! We decorated the top with marshmallow based icing, and put two little Pez dispensers on top. In the background - which you can't see - behind the little bride and groom, Raymond put a bunch of bushes with purple flowers. Behind those bushes stand two little gummy bears - one green, one black - that represent us. Before we knew how to make cakes properly - and I think some might think we still don't know how to make them properly - we used to decorate cakes with various gummies (see the dinosaur love cake from Valentine's Day!). We had the gummy bears picnic - or gummy bear massacre, as it were - or Cameron's birthday cake with aliens invading a movie premiere. This was meant to represent those cakes that would have embarrassed my mother had we actually made one for the wedding!

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