Friday, June 19, 2009

Mineral make-up: Yellow

I just loved this colour so much, I had to include it this week. We're calling it "(Everything's) A-OK" because Wanda shouted, "I made Big Bird!" when she saw the final results.

I love this colour. It's yellow, it's sparkly, and it's yellow. Yellow isn't a colour we think about a lot when making mineral make-up, but it's a lovely complement to greens. (My favourite eye shadow combination as a teenager was yellow and green.)

A-OK (sparkly yellow fun!)
4 parts yellow pop mica
1 part tangerine pop mica
2 parts basic eye shadow base

Mix together in a bag until you get the colour you want. If you want to increase this to fill a container (you need 3/4 tsp to 1 tsp, and this is 7/32 tsp), you'll want to increase it as follows...

16 parts yellow pop mica
4 parts tangerine pop mica
8 parts basic eye shadow base

...for a total of 28/32 tsp.

If you want a similar colour but can't get the pop micas, use iron oxide...

2 parts basic eye shadow base
2 parts yellow iron oxide
4 parts silver or white mica (satin or sparkly, not matte)

Mix together. Multiply the parts by 4 to make a full container. Now wear it and yell "Everything's A-OK!"

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