Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mineral make-up: Part 14 - Green with chromium oxide green (grass green)

I love green, and there are so many variations on the colour, you can go nuts! Let's make a few eye shadows using our chromium oxide green (grass green)

Matte green base
1/4 tsp chrominum oxide green
1/4 tsp base

This is going to give you a yellow-green base.

Make your matte green base...
1 scoop matte green base
1 scoop yellow iron oxide
a titch of paradise gold (about 1/4 scoop)
1 scoop base.

Lime green (my personal favourite!!!)
3/4 tsp base
3 scoops yellow iron oxide
3 scoops chromium green oxide
1 scoop majestic green (or Egyptian green) mica
2 scoops sunpearl silver (optional)

This may look like a dull colour, but it's full of wonderful sparkle. I'm just a terrible photographer!

Join me on June 24th for more greens - this time with chromium hydroxide green (or mint green).

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