Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mineral make-up - Alternate eye shadow base

I couldn't resist trying out some of the micas from TKB Trading - specifically the pop and colour shifting micas - so I'm adding a few extra mineral make-up posts this week. (We are also making MMU on Thursday in craft group, so that justifies my playing around with it this weekend instead of writing that grant proposal.)

The Pop micas are interesting in that they follow the colour wheel, so, in theory, you can make any colour you want from the 7 colours in the sampler, including brown. So we decided to give this a try.

Another interesting thing I've noticed from the TKB order is that many of the micas already contain various oxides, like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, that I would add myself. This means I need to change my eye shadow base so the colours remain vibrant.

The base I currently use will change the colours a little bit - the micas aren't quite as sparkly, but I like that because although I'm a sparkly girl, I don't want an all mica eye shadow to blind everyone I meet! But if I want to show off the sparkle, I'll need another base!

I need a base that offers glide, keeps the eye shadow on my eyes, and won't change colours during the day. I can't use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as it will change the colours, so what can I use?

3 tbsp treated serecite mica
1 tsp micronospheres
1 small scoop calcium carbonate

These three ingredients will help keep the eyeshadow on, will give it the staying power I want, and will still feel silky and glidy on my eyes. (You can leave out the calcium carbonate if you wish - I just have really oily skin that needs it. You can substitute this with kaolin clay.)

Join me tomorrow to learn more about the fun and excitement of working with these Pop micas!

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