Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creepy Cute Crochet: Book review

Loretta kindly gave me a copy of this book as a bridal shower present, and I've been having great fun making little creatures to scatter all over Raymond's desk! (He especially loves the little Cthulu, but I worry he will upset the elder Gods by saying "Who's a little evil cutie?" and tickling it under the tentacles!)

I wanted to bring this book to craft group - the little creatures are too perfect! - but I fear it will be too frustrating! At first I thought I was not doing well - I'm not the most experienced crocheter - but I see others have had so many questions the author has posted a series of tutorials on her site at

My verdict: If you are an intermediate crocheter and can adapt patterns on the fly, this is a book for you. Novice crocheters will need to bookmark the author's site to double check their stitches and placements. Prepare to be a little frustrated at times. Having said this, the dolls are really cute and you will love them once they are made. It's worth buying if you simply must have an Amazon warrior or Ninja doll!

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