Saturday, May 16, 2009

Road trip essentials: What do I need for my honeymoon?

A man who can keep me safe from giant snakes? I think he's perfect!

It's my wedding day! (And yes, this was pre-written because I have far too many things to do today!) I'm marrying my wonderful partner of 15 years, Raymond. He is a kind, considerate, gorgeous, intelligent, wonderful man and I am so fortunate to have found someone like him with whom I can share my life (yep, I'm sappy, all right!) And I'm really looking forward to our honeymoon road trip to follow! Three weeks of travelling who knows where to see interesting things, enjoying the wonderful companionship of my new husband, chatting and singing loudly to our favourite music as we travel the highways of northern America and southern Canada in search of bizarre exhibits, really large roadside attractions, and super happy fun adventure!

I feel a huge component of an awesome road trip is being I need to make sure I have all the products I'm going to need to make our inexpensive motel rooms feel like home.

I present to you my list of essentials for a road trip. (Forget the maps and tourist guides, I need my bath & body products!) Even though I'm not worried about any restrictions on liquids on a plane, I like to use a lot of solid products because I hate carrying around tons of bottles! The Toyota Echo (or the TARDIS, as we like to call it) only has so much room in the trunk!
(Click on the links above to take you to the recipes we've already covered...) So what else do I need to make?

Let's start with the solid shampoo bar on Monday, May 18th!

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