Friday, May 1, 2009

Panthenol in your creations!

For thick, luscious, bouncing, and behaving hair try panthenol!

As I mentioned yesterday, I love panthenol in most of my products. I've got it in my toner because it helps with skin elasticity and damaged skin. I've got it in my various hair care products because it's awesome for hair. I've even thrown it into my water based make up remover (and you can include it in the surfactant one as well).

In this post, we'll check out how to include it in an apres sun spray for super happy fun summer time excitement!

What are my goals with this product? I want to soothe, heal, and moisturize. I also want a cool feeling on my skin, so the witch hazel will fit that requirement. I don't want to add oils to this - I'm not making an occlusive spray, and I don't feel like adding emulsifiers that will make my mixture sticky - so I need to get my moisturizing and water retention through conditioning agents (cationic polymers) and humectants.

I am not making any claims this product will heal your skin as I have not had the product analyzed and tested. I am making this statement based on the inherent qualities of the ingredients. Please do not claim this product can heal anything (and I think the word "soothe" is also forbidden!)

20% witch hazel
25% lavender hydrosol or rose hydrosol
22% water
20% aloe vera liquid
2% sodium lactate

3% honeyquat
5% panthenol (I've increased this from 2 to 5% in this recipe)
2% hydrolyzed protein
0.5% extract (I use chamomile)
0.5% preservative (I use Germall Plus)
(Optional: 1% lavender essential oil plus 1% polysorbate 20. Remove 2% from the water amount, leaving 20% water. This may be a tad sticky for your tastes, but the lavender is good for soothing!)

Heat and hold the water phase for 20 minutes at 70C. (You can heat and hold this in a container with a very small opening so you don't lose a lot to condensation!) Remove from your double boiler and allow to cool to 45C. Then add the cool down phase, including the essential oils, if you wish. Package in a spray bottle and use liberally over the summer time.

As a note, if you want a nice cooling spray, you can substitute the 1% lavender essential oil for peppermint or spearmint essential oil. Or even put 3% menthol into the mixture - remove from the water amount. (This is going to be very cooling...try 1% menthol and see how you like it.) This spray is great for feet in the summer as well - mints do a great job here!

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