Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

I laughed, I cried, I actually jumped up and down a little in the middle of the ceremony. Yesterday, I married the most wonderful man in the world...and I have to be the happiest woman alive! (I must be married - I woke up this morning and started doing laundry!)

It was a perfect day, made even more perfect by all the work our best man and bridesmaid put into organizing pretty much everything. My dress and his shirt were made by my mother, who is an amazing dressmaker, and my best friend (bridesmaid) made my hair jewels. I wore my something old (a heart shaped locket my dad gave me when I was 18), something new (my beautiful dress), something borrowed (the butterfly jewel in my hair), and something blue (my grandmother's opal ring). We exchanged my grandparents wedding rings, and we wrote our own vows, but kept them secret from each other.

And now we're off on our road trip!

As a secondary note - I'm an auntie - as an only child, this is new to me - and I promise to be the cool aunt who buys the boys video games and teaches them new swears.


France said...

Congratulations!!!!! You both look very happy!

Ginger's Garden said...

Congratulations! May you have a long and happy life together!
Irena aka soapbuddy

Christine said...

Oh you guys look so happy....Congragulations you look like the perfect couple! Also wanted to thankyou for such an interesting blog. Point of Interest is the best and you are a wonderful teacher!

Motherhues said...

Congratulations! Your clothing is beautiful and you look SOO happy. Blessings on your union and your life!!

deb said...

Hey Susan and Raymond... CONGRATS Finally! I'm so glad nothing went amiss. The Picture of the two of you looks amazing. I am so happy for you both. Hope you are having a FABULOUS vacation/honeymoon and that the weather is not too scary. What am I saying..?.. it wont matter the weather.. the sun shines on YOU anyways. Love Deb and Family.

Bajan Lily said...

Congratulations. I'm new to your blog and was just reading through when I found this. I wish you all the happiness you can handle - and then some!