Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mineral make up- Part 9: Blue sheens

I am going to be honest...I'm not a fan of blue. When someone mentions blue, I think of the girls in my high school who wore tons of blue eye shadow right up to their eye brows, and it makes me cringe. I think there are far too many matte blues out there and too few subtle, slightly sparkly blues. So I offer a few to you here...

(This week we're looking at blue sheens, next week blue iron oxide, and the following week ultramarine blue.)

All of these eye shadows are going to be very sparkly and light. Like the green or silver sheen, they are meant as a sweep over your eyes or as a highlighter.

ARCTIC BLUE SHEEN (very sheer, very sparkly)
1 part periwinkle blue mica
1 part one of arctic silver mica (blue tinted), fine white mica (satin) or fine white mica (matte)
1 part base (use the eye shadow base for a pale colour, the light blue matte base for a slightly deeper colour)

If you use the arctic silver mica, you will get a white with a blue tinge, which goes well with the periwinkle blue. If you use the satin mica, you'll have white and it's a little less blue, so compensate with a bit more periwinkle blue if you want it bluer. If you use the matte mica, you'll have a less shiny eye shadow. Try all three versions to see what you like!

This will give you a very icy blue colour that is great for highlighting or using as a sheen.

1 part periwinkle blue mica
3 parts base

This will give you a very periwinkle-y blue colour that is suitable for a sheen. (That's the mica in the picture above.)

MAGIC MAUVE SHEEN (again, kinda sparkly)
2 parts base

Magic mauve is a lighter colour with a purple-y blue tinge. If you want more mauve, add more mica, up to 3 parts mica to 2 parts base.

Tune in next Wednesday for formulating fun with blue iron oxide!

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