Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mineral make-up - Part 11: Using blue iron oxide to make purple

Beware the iron oxide - as you can see from this container, it will get all over the place and make your hands messy!

Blue iron oxide isn't all about the blues - if you are considering the undertones of your eye shadows, then you'll want to consider making purples or other dark colours with blue iron oxide.

PURPLE-BLUEY EYE SHADOW - a shiny eye shadow with purple highlights
1/4 tsp violet mica
1 scoop blue iron oxide
1/4 tsp base

So let's make a shiny eye shadow with purple AND blue highlights

PURPLE HAZE EYE SHADOW - a shiny eye shadow with purple and blue highlights
2 scoops violet mica
2 titches blue mica (or 1/2 small white scoop)
1 titch blue iron oxide (1/4 small white scoop)
1/4 tsp base

or, to take out the fractions...

1/4 tsp violet mica (8 scoops)
1/16 tsp blue mica (2 scoops)
1 scoop blue iron oxide (0.15 cc or 1/32 tsp)
1/4 tsp base

How do these differ? We've added our blue mica to give us the blue highlights.

You could modify the purple-bluey eye shadow with
  • silver mica - more sparkle
  • white mica - lighter colour, more sparkle
  • gold mica - more sparkle, with gold highlights
I know I've posted this before in the using ultramarine purple as your base, but I thought it fit nicely with this topic!

DEEP VIOLET EYE SHADOW - a very basic, not shiny colour
3/8 tsp base
1/8 tsp ultramarine purple
1 scoop of blue iron oxide (optional)

If you leave the blue iron oxide out, you'll have a very matte, purple colour. Adding the blue iron oxide gives the eye shadow a little depth, making it a darker violet. Feel free to add up to 1/8 tsp of various micas to see what colours you can create!

Join me next week to learn all about the awesome power of ultramarine blue!

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