Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you want to see PDFs of these posts?

A random picture for a random post. My beautiful future husband being adored by two cuties!

A happy Tuesday to everyone! I am counting down the days to my wedding - 19 days to go - and I'm extremely excited! (May 16th!)

I have figured out how to put things in PDF form so they can be downloaded. I'm just wondering if there's any interest in re-doing some of these posts into that format? I know I am not a fan of having to copy and paste text from blogs into my files, but I don't want to convert everything only to find out there's no interest...so let me know which posts might interest you and I'll get working on them! (Anything from craft group will be done in the next week or so...)

And a massive thanks to those of you reading the blog! It's such a joy to get up in the morning and see the comments and e-mails. Keep writing them and I'll keep reading them! I love to hear your ideas - I only have my own chemistry obsessed brain to create new ideas for posts, and that could devolve into all kinds of science-y madness, so hearing what you want to read keeps this blog on the good side of sane!


Motherhues said...

I would love to see everythingin a pdf file. I think you should sell it for a nominal fee ;)

Dhezie said...

hey swift. best wishes on your coming wedding. :) i've been reading your blog ever since you mentioned it at The Dish over a month ago. i've learned a lot from your tutorials and have since made lovely products for myself, family and friends. thanks so much for your generosity.

SwiftCraftyMonkey said...

Thank you for the kind words. I will be pdf'ing things in the next few weeks and posting them. I've learned so much from those who chose to share their knowledge, so it makes me so happy I can offer something back. Although my tiny, backyard, potluck wedding is definitely costing more than I expected...

France said...

Hi Swift!
Happy Wedding Bells!!!
I have been coping stuff and putting it in a Word document, so it's easily searched! I call it my "Swift Bible"!!! (hoping that doesn't offend anyone!!)
PDFs are great, but I like having everything in one spot!!
Have a great honeymoon!!

melian said...

i like it just how it is! i've been reading it for the past few weeks since i discovered it thru the dish and its fantastic! thank you so much for doing it. i copy it into msword, too, so i can keep things together for easy reference.

hope your wedding is everything you want it to be!