Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coconut oil and hair products

Yeah, I know these aren't coconuts...but coconuts aren't that pretty! So enjoy some pineapple shaped bath bombs instead!

One of my favourite sites - The Beauty Brains - weighs in on coconut oil. Visit the post on their site to learn more! (To summarize: coconut oil will penetrate the hair's cortex because it's similar to our hair oils!)

So what does this mean for your hair care products? Add some coconut oil! It's inexpensive, it's easy to find in grocery stores and suppliers' shops, and because it's a saturated fat, it won't go rancid quickly.

If you look at the conditioner post from early March, you'll notice there's room for some oils in there.

DRY HAIR CONDITIONER - moisturizing and conditioning on an intense level
.5% preservative
2% silk - she loves this stuff
2% panthenol
6% oils - try coconut oil here!
2% cetyl alcohol - can't get enough moisture for her
2% honeyquat or glycerin - again, humectants are good for dry hair
2% dimethicone - extra conditioning, soft feeling
1% fragrance or essential oils
water to 100%

Or you could add 3% if you want fewer oils, or try 3% coconut oil, 3% other hair loving oils!

I just realized we haven't made an intense conditioner yet! Join me Thursday for that tutorial!


Anonymous said...

I made a batch of conditioner that need up Bering a but runny. I was wondering if I make another batch that is thicker and mix the two separate batch together do I have to add more preservative even though both batches already have some in each?

Robin said...

Is this a wash out conditioner. When to use it? After shampooing then condition and rinse ? Thank you

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Robin. Yes. Use as you would any other conditioner.