Thursday, April 16, 2009

"All natural" - let's take a look, shall we?

So I return from my craft group tonight to see someone has decided to use my blog as an advertising venue. Yeah, I'm not a fan of that idea. I've made a conscious decision not to have any advertising on my site - how can you trust me when I'm promoting a certain company or certain products? Plus, I find all of that advertising stuff on the sides of pages really really annoying!

I found this post on the comments section for the intense conditioner post from this morning...

Exposure to sun and other harmful chemicals may cause hair and skin damage. It is best to use a product that is 100% organic for it can penetrate to the follicle to balance, correct and restore your hair and skin's youth and vitality.

I'd like to recommend "Appreciation" Pre-Shampoo Treatment, it contains pure jojoba oil that comes from a bean grown in Mexico. You'll gonna love it :D

And the person who posted it is the seller of these items.

I tried to check out the ingredients list for this product...I couldn't find one. It appears to contains 100% jojoba oil for $25.00. No preservatives - you don't need one for anhydrous (without water) products, and jojoba has a nice long shelf life, so you don't need to include Vitamin E. So why not make your own?

100 grams jojoba oil
125 ml (4 oz) bottle
Put the jojoba oil in the bottle. Use before washing as a pre-treatment.

Heck, let's make the Hair, Body, and Bath Treatment....
100 grams sesame oil
125 ml (4 oz) bottle
Put the sesame oil in the bottle. Use for hair and body as you wish.

This same person is advocating 100% organic products. You could do this with anhydrous products, but there are no well tested, effective natural preservatives. So anything with water would have to be unpreserved. And you know how I feel about preservatives!

I do think it's interesting that this same person is using silicones in the conditioner and copolymer resins in a styling spray. I like both these ingredients, but I can't think of any way to interpret "organic" to include either of these ingredients. You could call them natural as they do come from natural sources, but by that definition, my computer is all natural, my car is all natural, and my toaster is all natural. I couldn't find the ingredients in the other products, so I'll leave this here. I will say a final thing...if you are considering selling your products, please do not make medical or healing claims for your products.

I read the site again this morning...did you know you can style your hair without chemicals? (Considering that everything in life is composed of chemicals - water, grass, your children, my dog - this is an amazing feat. The Royal Academy of Science is offering $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove they can make something without chemicals!) I think she missed an adjective there!

As a note to people who might consider posting ads on my site in the future - it's $1000 for each comment. I get to review your products. And I get to tell people how to make them. And I get to mock you in public. You've been warned...


Brianne said...

Excellent response to the most irritating side of this industry!

France said...

Oh Dear! I'm sorry you got hassled. Your blog is the highlight of my day (when I have a moment to come check it out) and thanks to you I've made my first bath/body thing (that fabbo body butter I commented about, somewhere)... Good thing you can delete undesirable comments. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to filter comments!!!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend following!!

SwiftCraftyMonkey said...

I'm debating whether or not I should delete the comment. (I can't modify it, so that's my only choice.)

I don't want to go down the slippery slope of deleting comments I don't like (unless they are vulgar, obscene, or unsuitable for young eyes) because I might start removing comments that disagree with my perspective and we lose out on learning opportunities. I want this blog to be free and open, generating discussion and Q&A.

On the other hand, by not deleting it, I've accepted (unpaid) advertising. (Do not want!)

What do you think I should do with it?

France said...

Hi Swift! I think there's a difference between difference of opinion and spam!
Spam is not just about Viagra, any unwanted advertorial is spam.
Difference of opinion is good, it makes people think.
You should not advertise for others, unless you want to, this blog is yours, not theirs.
You promote companies you like, they don't decide to promote themselves on your blog, it's not their decision to make.
My 2 cents. I could go on and on, but you get my point I think.

Motherhues said...

I was going to post with smart alec question like "I don't understand... how do you fill the bottle" or something but I just wanted to give you a Hug instead. Anytime something gets popular, people take advantage. I am just so thankful for your blog! I am TOTALLY and THOROUGHLY enjoying it! I have made soap for 13 years and love it but I know it rather well inside and out.. it is SO FUN to be introduced to things I only touched on the surface before. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge :D