Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An aside: Colouring oil based products

This is a lip balm left uncoloured on one side and coloured using ruby red mica on the other. It is intended as a lip gloss with a little titch of colour, so you are only using the micas to colour it.

As you can see from the lipstick making post, if you are going to colour any oil based product - bath melts, whipped butters, oil based scrubs, and so on - you'll need to use an anhydrous (without water) colourant. I use powdered chocolate colouring (available at chocolate making shops) because adding hydrous (water based) colours to anything without water equals ick! (So food colouring, LabColours, liquid colours are right out!) You can also use iron oxides, micas, and other ingredients you'd use in mineral make-up.

Please note: If you are selling your products - which I don't recommend until you have mastered preserving, retarding rancidity, and have tested your products - chocolate colourants may not be acceptable for sale. They are, however, fine for gifting and using yourself.

It's a fairly simple thing to colour oil based products. Take some of the powdered colouring - a titch, to begin - and sprinkle it into the product when it is still liquid. Make sure it is not clumpy going in, as it will take longer to break down the clumps! Now stir well until the colour is dispersed. If you want a little more colour, add a little more. If you can get your hands on some of the little 0.15 cc mineral make-up spoons, those are great for keeping a record of how much you added.

Pretty basic, eh? But it's something we all forget in our enthuasism - water plus oil equals ick!


Christa Marks said...

Hi Susan,

I have been making a lip oil which is all oils with a small amount of oil-based flavoring. If I wanted to add a little color to it, would I be able to use the powder mica or would you suggest using something else? Thank you for your reply. I appreciate all your information.

Heather said...

My colorant swirls and finishes two toned I use mica, have not been able to blend completely uniform color, why is that? Help! Also I need matte lip colorant how do I get shine less lipstick?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI Heather. Are you combining the colours and making sure they are well mixed before you put them in the oil? I don't know your recipe, so I'm not able to offer more help than that. Did you want to share your recipe in percentages?

Have you read the mineral make-up posts on making more matte lip colours? You can find those in the mineral make-up section of the blog.