Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day gifts: Cakes!

As a note, as I am currently enjoying the stomach flu or something similar, the Wednesday mineral make-up tutorial is replaced with this post. I hope to be well enough to post the purple eye shadow post on Thursday or Friday. (Just in time for National Mole Day on Friday, February 6th! Cupcakes, anyone?)

(This cake is not a lie...)

Nothing says "I love you" to your Valentine than gooey, chocolate-y (or vanilla-y) cakey goodness, so why not get baking? You remember the basics of decorating, right? No? Then why not click to the post from November in which I link like silly to various cake and cookie decorating sites (with recipes!)

Okay, so you have a few ideas, but how about a few more?

So the first suggestion I have is to make some cupcake bites. They're the goodness of cupcakes in a lollipop format! Highly adaptable - check out these ideas - and very tasty! Try those today!

Or devil's food cake with chocolate frosting (you can use a boxed mix for this cake!)

Or ice cream cone cupcakes! Lactards like me can enjoy this kind of ice cream treat (because there's no ice cream...)

And this might be out of my decorating league, but I had to add to today's post to include this amazing box of chocolates made out of cake! Yes, it's cake! It's freakin' cake! (I'm astonished, okay?) And she has a tutorial for making it, so you need to click here so you can make your own!Stop thinking about it and click to see this. And then make me one. Hey, my blood sugar's doing fine and I love cake!

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