Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More melt & pour geekery

If you read the Monday post, you'll see life got away from me this week. The mineral make up post for this week won't be up until Thursday as I haven't had a second to do some serious writing and/or photography for it. Guess my resolution for getting organized isn't going as well as I had hoped!

Digitalsoaps has done it again! She has made us fall in love with a bar of soap! I love love love this soap and wish to own it. So if you want to buy me a present...I do have a wedding coming up, you know!

(And for those of you less crafty and more construction-y, here is the most amazing Nintendo table. I wouldn't mind one of these as a wedding present...)


France said...

That's funny, I have a plastic shell of a piece we got with our Wii, and I've been thinking I should pour MP in it!!!

SwiftCraftyMonkey said...

Make me one and I'll buy it! I never thought about keeping those pieces as moulds (we have a Wii and an Xbox 360!) but now I will!

France said...

When I find it I'll give it a go. I bet that plastic might melt pretty easily, not sure. Sadly the Wiimotes don't come in a nice shell like that bit did. I can't remember what bit it was, I think it's the Xbox looking Wii thing. Helpful? hehehe!