Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jewellery Making: Chandelier earrings

I have only recently started wearing earrings (thanks to the wonders of plastic hooks!) and I've fallen in love with wearing chandelier earrings. I have a lot of hair, so I need larger, longer earrings if you're going to see them.

Chandelier earrings are easy to make once you've mastered the one loop and two loop head and eye pin techniques, because really that's all there is to making these earrings.

The pattern on the left (which is what we are doing in craft group on Thursday), "Pretty in Purple", shows the use of a chandelier earring base. You can make your own, but that's a topic for another day.

6 - 6 mm round beads
12 - 4 mm bead caps
6 small bicone clear crystals
2 purple small glass beads (6/0 I think they're called)
2 white small glass beads (again, 6/0?)
6 - 2 inch (5 cm) long head pins
10 - 4 mm jump rings
2 chandelier earring forms (from Strung Out on Beads - 12 for $6.00)
2 shepherd hook earrings (plastic ones from Strung Out on Beads - 12 for $2.00, metal ones are cheaper!)

Wire cutters

You will need to make three charms per earring.

Make four of these charms on a 2 inch head pin: bead cap, round purple bead, bead cap, bicone crystal. Make a loop at the top.

Make two of these charms on a 2 inch head pin: bead cap, round purple bead, bead cap, bicone crystal, purple seed bead, white seed bead. Make a loop at the top.

Open a jump ring and thread it through the top of your charm, then thread the jump ring through one of the loops at the bottom of the chandelier form. Do this for the other charms.

Put a jump ring in the top of the chandelier earring form, and thread this through the loop in the earring.

Repeat the above, and you're done! Wear and rejoice!

There are hundreds of different types of earring forms you can buy, and it really is hard to choose until you've made your first pair. The hardest part about making chandelier earrings is the balance of the bead charm lengths. You will want to make sure the dangly bits aren't completely even, so use your tiny crystals and seed beads to make the charms longer.

When you're strolling about the Internets looking for ideas, you don't have to use the form they suggest. You can use any form you want, providing it gives you the length you desire.

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