Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day of love is upon us. If you have a partner, grab 'em and give 'em a kiss. If you don't have a partner, then find someone you love and give 'em a kiss! Yeah, some people complain Valentine's Day is a man-made holiday that is intended to make us spend money during a slow time of the year (see "The Simpsons" for Love Day!), but I think it's a cheap excuse to give someone you love a wet sloppy kiss and remind them what they mean to you! You don't need to spend money...just spend some time!

(And yes, this is me, age 7, with my dad. I have a terrible haircut. And my dad is straight out of the 70's, but considering it is the 70's, let's not pick on him for his fashion sense, eh? This picture should tell you why I fear hair dressers! This was the last time my hair was shorter than half way down my back!!!)

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