Friday, February 20, 2009

Dessert sushi!

So we made some dessert sushi on Thursday night (no pictures, sorry, they were eaten far too quickly!)

Get some rice krispy squares (buy them or make them)
Some gummy fish
Fruit by the foot (green, preferably, but we used tropical as I couldn't find green and the tropical was on sale!)

Cut the rice krispy square a little wider and a little longer than your gummy fish.
Put the gummy fish on top.
Cut the fruit by the foot into a 1 inch strip, and wrap it around the entire thing.

Here are a few links for awesome (fake) dessert sushi!

Brownie Points' amazing dessert sushi...very elaborate, not for the beginner!
From Disney, rice crispy squares and fruit by the foot! Very simple.
Not Martha brings us a zillion different recipes. Try them all!

Yeah, my blood sugar is soaring just thinking about this...

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