Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleepy thoughts

I woke up this morning thinking about one of my favourite products from the Simpsons - "Much Ado about Stuffing". Why do these things pop into your head? (Okay, I know these thoughts are called hypnopompic thoughts, just like those crazy thoughts you have while falling asleep are called hypnogognic thoughts, but I wonder where they come from? I'm sure all the Nyquil I'm taking right now can't be helping, eh?)

Raymond had a waking thought about saving money on laundry bills by wearing one's underpants on the outside. And a few weeks ago, as I woke, I gave myself the title of "Susan: Mistress of Smells, Stenches, and Reeks", then wondered for a while if my domain could include pleasant odours as well (the answer: apparently not.)

Here are some thoughts Raymond and I have shared with each other while very tired...Ponder them this happy Thursday while looking at a picture of an angry monkey!
  • If you put a snake in a vacuum, would it still slither? Or would it just wibble around in space?
  • Can a turtle live without a shell? If you removed the shell as delicately as possible, using anaesthetic under very sanitary conditions and allowing the turtle to wake up naturally, would the turtle live? What's under that shell, anyway?
  • Who was the jerk who came up with the idea of force feeding a goose so its liver would make a good pate?
I write these things today to avoid having to think about New Year's Resolutions...because I am not organized and I don't think it's ever going to happen. I simply can't be bothered. If you gave me the choice between tidying up and playing Animal Crossing, which one would win? Or tidying up and eating chocolate. Again, obvious choice. Even if you gave me the choice of cleaning and eating broccoli, no sauce or anything on it, with no glass of water to wash it down...well, I might tidy up then, but I be tempted by the evil vegetable for at least a few minutes. (And we all know broccoli is evil. It tries to warn you with its horrible horrible taste!)

And I drank a cup of tea this morning before realizing I wasn't supposed to eat or drink anything before my blood test. So I messed that up, too. I think it's just that kind of week!

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