Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year's resolutions: Update, week 3

Week 3 update...

Organization: Well, the jewellery is organized, but the workshop is a disaster area. I have to figure out a better system!

Not brushing my teeth so hard: Again, going well. I'll stop updating this one.

Working on my blood sugar: Going well, but I kind of forgot to go for my HgA1C (it's a test that measures your blood sugar over three months), so I missed my endocrinologist's appointment. Oh well, I've moved it to February 2.

Taking more pictures: Yep, that one is definitely happening.
As an aside, have you noticed how cheap at 7.2 megapixel camera is now? We saw a Sony for $88.00! Wow! I need a new one soon!

Crafty goals: I've made more jewellery -- I think I'm addicted. The picture above is of some paper clips I bought from Staples. They were just terrible for actually clipping paper, so I turned them into a ring and earring set. I love them!

I bought the transfer pen from Michael's so I can do some embroidery -- yay!

I finished my date book (and a few other little books as well).

And I'm studying more about making votive candles for the wedding. (Check out Candlewic - they have some great newsletters and tons of wonderful information about candle making!) I will be making container candles in the champagne glasses -- love the thrift stores for this! -- but I am going to make some votives in various scents as well! (I bought the supplies, now I have to clean the workshop - see above - then get going!)

Well, this week has turned out very busy indeed and I have not been able to keep my commitments to posting on this site, which is frustrating. But I have a practicum student at work right now, and I forget just how much work it is to have someone shadowing you!

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