Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Get organized with a new bulletin board!

Okay, so you've made a cool date book, which will organize your life, but you want something you can look at in one glance in the morning. How about a bulletin board? Now, I am going to warn you...bulletin boards can become very disorganized very quickly...see the example to the left..but you can keep a lot of useful information on a board!

(What's on my board? My chemistry certificate, a sombrero, a bear, some Christmas and birthday cards, our appearance in the newspaper, documents pertaining to my fall down the stairs on the ferry, a Christmas stocking...and so on. Yes, these are all things I need to find at a moment's notice!)

Here are some great ideas for making your own bulletin boards or wall organizational system!

This wall board with pocket is awesome!

A very simple bulletin board from Craftster!

A French memo board is very elegant indeed. (Those are the ones with the ribbon holding things in place!)

How about a homasote based board (it's a type of building material...)?

If you are feeling very DIY, try this beautiful shuttered bulletin board (to keep the clutter safely behind the wood!)

Or a coffee sack bulletin board (renew, reuse, recycle -- if you like coffee, this is for you!)

Or a French memo board type board for your fridge?

Tomorrow...we'll need some cute thumb tacks, won't we?

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