Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Get Organized by binding your date book!

Quick note: There's a great round-up of calendar downloads at Calendar Happy 2009!

So you've put together something amazing and want to bind it. How to put it together? Here are a few options...

1. You could ask me to bring the binding machine to class and bind it together.

2. You could make a bound journal book like this hardcover one at (easier than it looks!) or a softcover "hedgehog" or Moleskine type book with cardstock covers from this amazing tutorial (this is how I learned to make them, and I love this style of binding! Very sturdy!)

3. You could make a "hipster PDA" (tutorial for sewing one found on Craftster or a paper one at the main sitefor the PDA) or a pocket mod!

4. You can make a single pamphlet book (found in this post on this blog).

5. You can do Japanese stab binding (tutorial here, but not many pictures, or at this site, nice pictures, or clickthis link for more ideas with a good, picture laden tutorial); or

6. You can make a mini book (like this one for post-it notes or the matchbook book on this blog).

Or check out this list of tutorials and find something you love!

And choose a paper you won't hate in a few months. I like to change my date book every six months as I get bored of looking at the same paper for weeks on end! Yeah, I'm flighty, I admit that, but when I can make my own date book, why not change it regularly?

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