Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mineral make-up - Part 5: From black to grey!

Welcome to part five of our million part series on making mineral make-up eye shadows! If you've been crafting along, you should have...

But now you're addicted. You need more! (I know this feeling...I have a box of at least 25 eye shadows and I keep thinking of new colour ideas!)

I love greys. They go with everything, and you can use them as an eye liner or an accent or even the base for other eye shadows (try the white, pink, grey combination and love it!)

Here is my favourite recipe for grey...
Midnight Dusk
1 part black mica
1 part sunpearl silver
1 part eyeshadow base

Mix together in a little bag until combined. Wear. Enjoy.

This is a cool colour, but anyone can wear it. For the black mica, I recommend black satin mica, but you can use any type you like. For the sunpearl silver, feel free to change this to arctic silver (blue undertones) or vintage grey or any other.

Here's a variation with less sparkle...We call this one Stargazer Grey.
3/8 tsp base
1 scoop black-blue iron oxide
2 scoops sunpearl silver.

Can you see the difference between the two recipes? If you make them both, you'll see they are very similar. But we approached them from a different angle. The first uses mica to achieve the black, the second uses black iron oxide. The Stargazer Grey has a higher ratio of base to colour, so you're going to get a more matte eye shadow than if you used the micas on their own.

If you've made the black and the white, try this in combination with the grey. I like to wear it with a white base, grey accent, and black eyeliner.

Stay tuned for part 6...not sure what that's going to be yet, but I'm sure it will be exciting!

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