Saturday, January 17, 2009

A lazy, dog-dangling Saturday...

9 months, 26 days without a fall down the stairs!

My new practicum student is a practising nurse. Is this a subtle sign from the universe that I have to not fall down stairs before the wedding (yes, we have a date: Saturday, May 16th! Yay!)

I was looking at the tag on my pyjama pants, and it said "keep away from fire". Isn't this generally good advice for fabric?

Doctor Who is awesome...but I'm not so sure about this new Doctor. He may be the awesomest doctor in the universe, the greatest Time Lord ever, but he's emo! He's going to spend all his time worrying about the "fwhip" of his hair! (Okay, I'm being ageist, but how can anyone replace David Tennant???)

I think I'm addicted to chemistry. Here is the molecule for vanillin I built with my new molecule building kit. I was going to make a caffeine molecule, but they didn't include enough nitrogen in the box. (And yes, I did go to the molecule building kit site but you can only buy the nitrogens in huge quantities if you live in Canada!)

What is up with PETA? Naming fish "sea kittens" so they will be cuter? I think PETA does have some points, like treating animals well, but they come up with these crazy schemes and others (like telling us having pets is wrong!) instead of getting out there and encouraging people to treat animals well, demanding food animals be treated well, and suggesting we go for free range or uncaged animals. Why can't they address those issues instead of this kind of stupidity? (Having said that, they did get a lot of press for this, so perhaps that's why?)

Have a great weekend!

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