Thursday, December 18, 2008

SCIENCE! Ach, I'm blind!

Well, I've had to cancel craft group tonight. My horrible snow driving aside, I didn't like the idea of people walking to the group in these horrible winds or driving in the icy conditions, so I've shut it down for the night. We'll make up for it by scheduling something in January. E-mail me so I can let you know!

As you may know, I'm kinda sorta addicted to chemistry. I realize when I was in grade 11, equilibrium constants and solubility indices weren't really all that exciting, so I'm not expecting you to jump in with both feet and buy a Bunsen burner. But think of the cool stuff you will learn about how the world works...and how to blow stuff up safely. Yep, chemistry can be all about the explosions! So today I bring you a link to the 10 greatest chemistry videos (from Wired). Check out #5 -- it explains how those hand warmer - hot bag thingies work. It's very interesting. No, seriously, it is. It really is. And if your mom asks you what you're doing on-line because you really should be doing homework, you can tell her you're learning about science!

Note: The image above is of the caffeine molecule. I need to embroider or silk screen this onto every single item I own!

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