Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions...Crafty solutions!

So it's New Year's Eve. Another year over, a new one's just beginning...what are you plans for 2009? What do you want to change, achieve, or experience this year?

I have a few resolutions this year, although I usually think of September as being more new year-y than January (all those years in school warped my sense of time!)


Become more organized than I am now by the end of 2009. I want to get my books to the library on time. I want to put all the used paper in the recycling bin instead of leaving it on the floor for the random papers on the floor fairy to find. I want to know where the thermometer is in the workshop. How to do this? I have two new organizing kits for sewing and jewellery and I have already started filling them up with categories of things. I need to allot time the morning after craft group to put things away. And I need to allot time once a week for my paperwork at work. That's not too hard, is it? (Starting simple...)

Stop brushing my teeth so hard. Yes, this seems silly, but I burn out electric toothbrushes and my dentist harasses me about wearing down my enamel.

Continue my diet to get my blood sugar down and maintain it around 4.5 in the morning.

Wanda and I always say we want to learn or try two new things per year. We've usually accomplished this by January 5th, so I think we need a larger list.

Finish my chemistry class with an "A", start and complete Math 12, take provincial exams for both, and enroll at UFV for chemistry in September. (I think this one's in the bag, but I like to have things to tick off on my list.)

Take singing lessons with Wanda (and possibly Raymond).

Take more photographs. I noticed that I only seem to get the camera out for special occasions, instead of waving it everyone's faces all the time. I need to go back to harassing my friends and family with the camera. So I need to keep it in my purse. (I stopped carrying my camera when a young woman went into my purse and stole some money.) So I need to make another purse.

My crafty goals
  • Learn embroidery.
  • Learn silk screening.
  • Learn jewellery making. (I did start this a few weeks ago...)
  • Perfect our mascara recipe.
  • Perfect our foundation recipe.
  • Perfect my butter cream recipe.
  • Get my Christmas presents done in time. (This might mean starting in March!)
  • Finish at least two unfinished projects, sewing -- I have a pair of shorts waiting to be finished and at least one purse.

I'd like to get married in May. This isn't so much a goal but an adventure in planning and craftiness! Then I'd like to go on our awesome road trip honeymoon.

I will go camping with my friends this year. Last year, they were all busy on long weekends. The year before, they had to work. This year, we are going on an exciting camping trip, possibly to Idaho, possibly to Trout Lake, Washington.


What do you see for yourself in 2009? Let me know, and I'll get some tutorials up here so you can learn and make and do and achieve and all those other great things you want to see happen in 2009!

So where do we start? How about getting organized by designing your own date book or calendar? Tune in tomorrow for a month of resolutions! (Wow, that sounds exciting, eh? Susan will learn to brush her teeth softly...just kidding!)

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