Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mineral make-up - Part 3 - Metallics and sheens

So you've got a base colour, why not try making another colour? Yeah, you're addicted. I can see it on your face (the eyeshadow, that is...) It's the holiday season, so let's have some fun with metallics!

Metallics are all about shine, so you're going to use your mica as the primary colourant in these recipes. You can add some iron oxide to give your eye shadow some depth, but your goal here is shine shine shine, so you won't want much.

The usual! Baggies, Q-tips, micas, base, iron oxides, containers, and your recipes! (If you can't find the recipe to make your base, check out my first post on the topic here...)


1 part base
1 part green mica (I used Majestic Green from Suds & Scents but you use any shiny green mica you like!)
Blend together in a baggie and enjoy.
To increase this recipe to be in a container, increase to 3/8 tsp base, 3/8 tsp mica.

As a note, this is a great basic recipe for making a very sparkly eye shadow. I call these eye shadows sheens because they are more of a sweep across your eye lid rather than a full coverage eye shadow like the bases we did yesterday.

4 scoops sunpearl silver
1 scoop black satin mica
3 scoops base

This is a variation on the eye sheen above. We are using the black sparkle to add some depth to the recipe because otherwise it's just too light and is merely a sparkle instead of silver.

As a note, Voyageur now has a really lovely vintage grey that works well with the green sheen ratio above of 1 part base, 1 part colour.

4 scoops gold mica
1 scoop (or less) yellow iron oxide (optional)
3 scoops base

The gold needs the yellow background to make it pop. Try it first without the yellow and see what you think. You might like it.

1 part paradise sand mica
1 part base

Like the green sheen, just mica and colour. Paradise sand is a great brown-pink colour and it looks amazing on people with warm toned skin. (Us cool coloured women should stay sad!)

1 part violet mica
1 part base
titch ultramarine purple
If you're going to increase this eye shadow, use 3/8 tsp base, 3/8 tsp violet mica, and 1 scoop ultramarine purple and see if you like it.

To summarize, if you want to make a metallic colour, you'll want mostly micas with a titch of iron oxide in there to give it some depth. Try it first without the iron oxide and you'll see what I mean.

Have fun and stay tuned!

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