Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mineral make up - links to cool recipes

A quick post with more ideas for mineral make up recipes - primarily eye shadows. For most of these recipes, just use our base when it says "base" instead of using their base (unless you want to try other bases.)

Our very own Tanna from Suds & Scents in Abbotsford shares her recipes for beautiful brown and perfectly purple eye shadows. Lovely! (We made a variation on this purple in class!)

The Soap Queen's pink champagne eye shadow is to die for! Wanda and I made it last weekend, and I wear it almost every day now. You can use our base for the serecite mica, just follow the parts in the recipe.

Sweetscents has a plethora of recipes -- blushes, eye shadows, foundations -- but no pictures. I do want to try the Forever Ivory Foundation at some point.

Finally, Coastal Scents Formulary offers some great suggestions for eye shadow colours. (When you get to the page, click on the "I agree" box to get into the site.)

Happy formulating!

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