Saturday, December 13, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - pet tags!

Shrinky dinks have an awesome name (feel free to giggle right and are fantastic for making jewellery. Why not make your favourite pet an adorable, personalized tag for the holidays?

Shrinky dinks -- you can go for white, coloured, or frosted. (We usually use frosted in our group because you get 10 sheets for the price of 8!)
Colouring tools -- you can use felts (don't use washable ones), pencil crayons, or indelible stamping inks
a hole punch
an oven or heat gun
some pictures to trace (optional if you're quite the artiste!)

NOTE: All shrinky dink sheets have a "grain", which means they will shrink more one way than another. My experiments show that it is usually lengthwise. So on an 8 x 10 inch sheet, lay it in "landscape" mode. If you don't follow the grain, you will end up with a piece that will not keep the right shape.

SECOND NOTE: Shrinky Dinks shrink -- that's what makes them awesome. They will lose 50 to 60% of their size, so measure carefully. If you want something to be 2 inches by 2 inches (5 cm by 5 cm), make sure you make it 4 inches by 4 inches and you should get the right size.

THIRD NOTE: If you are making a large piece, prepare for it. The Shrinky Dink will warp and curl while shrinking -- this is normal -- but it could stay stuck on another part of the Shrinky Dink if it's a particularly large piece. (I think 5 by 5 inches would be considered "large" -- oh, stop giggling!)

1. Trace a picture, draw a picture, colour a picture. Use pencil crayons or felts. You can even stamp on a shrinky dink using alcohol based inks. You can use Staz On Ink if you want. Include your pet's name, phone number (in case the pet runs away, but they won't because they love you so much!), and other information you think someone else might like to know.

2. Cut out your picture using regular scissors.

3. Punch a hole into it if you want to use it as jewellery or as a tag for your dog. A 1/8 or 1/4 punch should be large enough. PUNCH YOUR HOLDS BEFORE SHRINKING.

4. Baking your shrinky dinks. You can use a heat gun -- put the cut out into a box, then blow it around with the heat gun. It will shrink.
Heat your oven to 325. Place the shrinky dink on a grocery bag or some kind of paper. Place the pieces, coloured side up, on the paper and place that on a baking sheet in the oven. Watch as they shrink. They will take about 1 to 3 minutes. When the pieces lay flat -- and they will, I promise! -- leave then another 30 seconds or so. If you aren't happy with the flatness, then place a book or something heavy on top of it for a few seconds.

To make your dog tag, put a small ring through the hole in the shrinky dink. Ta-da! You have a dog tag. Try your shrinky dinks to make jewellery. I've made a lovely Super Mario Brothers bracelet out of shrinky dinks and jump rings. And some matching earrings using earring wire from the jewellery store!

Now you have the cutest animal tag in the world!

Click on this link to download the PDF for the pet tag templates! (It's on rapidshare so it will take something like 30 seconds to load before you can download...sorry, still can't figure out how to load files to blogger!)

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