Friday, December 5, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - gift tags

The icing on the proverbial present cake is always the gift tag. (Ever better when my name is in the "to" section!) So here are a few links to get you started on making your own holiday themed tags.

If you want to make your own, check out these templates from Jersgirl's site...
Square cornered tags
Scalloped tags
Another scalloped tag
A tag and envelope in one!


Print these out on paper, cardstock, or even sticker paper!

A strange little circular elf tag

More elf tags

(What's with all the elf love this year?)

Bitter, angry, twisted gift tags -- is it wrong that I totally and utterly love these?

Yeti labels - because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an abominable snowman!

Cute tags with birdies and other letter pressed looking prints.

Some strange cat like creatures on tags. Hauntingly beautiful and cute!

Colour collections I am so going to print out for this year!

Dr. Seuss tags! No comment necessary here!

From HGTV - snowmen, stockings, and ornaments - oh my!

Crocheted elf tags - the elf admiration society's at it again!

If you want more, check out the Gift Tag Round-up on Bella Dia.

Finally, Martha Stewart has some great, colourful tags!


Tag Pockets - gift tag and Christmas card in one!

Gift Tag No. 1 - very simple, very elegant.

3 easy gift tag ideas - even I could draw these!

Well, there's no excuse to buy gift tags this year, is there? So get crafting!

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