Thursday, November 20, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - a series of tutorials

We've learned a lot in craft group in the last few years, and Christmas is the best time to show off your mad crafting skills! Although you can't knit an iPod or create a DS game, you can make some beautiful presents that will make your giftees happy and create a less stressed out holiday time for you. I always love handmade presents at Christmas. I know some people think you're being cheap, but I think of how much work and energy that person took to make this for me. She considered my personal tastes, favourite colours (lime green is always safe, eh?), my needs, and thought about how I'll react when I open it and see the beautiful gift within.

I'll never forget how I really got into crafting. Sure I was cross-stitching, but I wasn't making things from scratch. My friend, Melissa, gave me a beautiful crocheted scarf for my birthday. It was stunning and meant so much to me. I wear it all the time, and every single time I think of Melissa. She showed me how to crochet and that lead to knitting, sewing, and all the other things I have learned to do in the last six years.

So she not only gave me the gift of a wonderful scarf that keeps me warm when I walk the dog at night, she gave me the gift of amazing is that?

(I now return you to your less sappy programming...)

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