Friday, November 21, 2008

Cookie and cupcake decorating links

Eat this cake, become invincible!

So we had fun last night decorating cookies and cupcakes, despite the disgusting cherry filling mix (I won't try to freeze cream cheese and cherry pie filling again, I promise!) Can you believe I've never ever decorated cookies before? So I know what project I'm doing before the holiday season!

Here are some links that will keep you decorating and filling for the Christmas season!

Some basics...
How to fill and use the piping bag
Decorating Cookies!
Cake decorating basics!
How to Eat a Cupcake - awesome recipes and ideas!
Cupcake Bake Shop
Hi-Hat Cupcakes at Martha Stewart - very challenging, and ignore the stupid video (turn your sound down!)

How to make cream cheese cherry filling (or other flavoured fillings!)
1 - 8oz package of cream cheese (regular, not light!)
1 tin of pie filling (any flavour) - about 500 ml
Cream the cream cheese until it is soft. Leave it out of the fridge to get soft before using.
Then blend up the pie filling until the berries or bits are blended. We used a food processor -- you can use a blender or chopper here.
Mix together. Put into piping bag with a berliner tip on it (some call it an eclair tip) and pipe into your cupcakes!

Hope you have some fun decorating cakes. As a note, did you know that you can get almost 80 mini cupcakes from one box of cake mix? (So 3 mini cupcakes work out to about 1 large cupcake...with more icing! Which is always a bonus!) And don't forget to bake the cupcakes at about 2/3 of the time as the large cupcakes -- so for a recipe calling for 17 minutes for a regular cupcake, try it at 12 minutes or you'll burn them!

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