Friday, June 29, 2018

Updates on the new blog: All new shampoo bar formulas, email notification of posts, and membership information

What're you doing over here when we've been having great fun making pH balanced shampoo bars over on the new blog? I see you accessing the old formulas, which is great, but why not stop by to see some of the new ones I've created?

For those of you who want notifications when I post on the new blog, click here to see our new notification system for which you can sign up!

I can't stress enough how much you want to be over on the new blog! You're missing out on a lot! There are 2,726 posts on this blog (not counting admin stuff and digests) and 3,291 posts over there, with more being added from what was the Patreon feed every day! That's almost 500 posts you've missed while you were over here! 

The posts on this blog are officially frozen in time. As we've moved everything over to the new space, I won't be offering any updates or responses to comments, and much of what you see here will be taken down shortly as there's all kinds of new information to share about so many topics and I want to stay as up to date as possible.

I write a lot over there - this month alone, I've written 36,477 words or around 146 pages if this were a novel! (If you include the e-zine, I've written more than 60,000 words or around 240 pages.) And a big part of that is all this wonderful interaction with my lovely readers on the new blog. They inspire me to buy new ingredients, look at new products, research like crazy, and generally obsess about this amazing craft we all love! I love watching them help each other or share experiences, and I love the community we're building over there.

We've had over 3,000 comments since January, which is amazing when you consider during the same period of time last year on this old blog, we had only a few a week. I think I've written more in May and June alone on the new blog than I did here last year.

And think about this if you aren't a subscriber: For $1 a month, you get 146 pages of ingredient write ups, duplicated formulas, questions and answers, and more, all of it with no pop-ups, ads, or sponsored posts. Seems like one heck of a bargain to me!

Plus, you're missing out on the new surfactants e-zine - 84 pages on everything surfactant-y, including charts for more than 30 surfactants and information on so many thickeners, as well as lots of theory and chemistry!

It comes with your $10 (US) June 2018 membership or you can buy it from the store for $21 Cdn.

The $10 membership gives you all kinds of great things! You’ll get access to subscriber exclusive posts, get to suggest a product duplication, access to the Q&A thread the chance to ask as many questions as you like with guaranteed answers, AND the monthly e-zine (delivered at the end of the month) containing loads of formulas and ingredient information. And this month, Lotioncrafter is offering a 7% off coupon!

If you want to sign up, please don't do it through Patreon. They are a terrible service that takes hundreds from my pledges and offers no support whatsoever! 

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