Friday, April 13, 2018

Digest of posts is no more...

I think last week was the last digest of posts as it can take upwards of two hours to gather all the information necessary to create one, and given how much time over the last two months I've lost for things like preparing for two conferences I'm not able to attend for one reason or another, or working on all the administrative stuff necessary to update the blog, I think I need to focus more time on researching, writing, and posting and less on copying and pasting.

Instead, I'll share the posts here when I post them over there, and you can click through if you're interested.

A few notes about the new blog...

We are moving away from Patreon as it's an infuriating system and has been causing nothing but trouble. Raymond has spent the last few weeks creating a new system on the new blog, then spent three days entering all 800 email addresses to the blog by hand! You can find out more about how to log in for the time being in this post on the new blog.

Paid members will have access to the blog by subscribing to Patreon or, preferably, buying a membership on the blog. (I'll have more about this process shortly. Raymond deserves a little break after all he's done this week!)

As I mentioned in last week's digest, the new blog is considered secure. You can tell as the URL is now https:// Woo!

Every Friday, I'm posting discussion questions so we can share our thoughts or experiences.

Last week, we shared our top 5 favourite oils and butters.

This week, I'm asking you to share your signature! It could be a combination of ingredients, a skin or hair feel, a fragrance or essential oil blend, and so on.

You can find the list of discussions by clicking on this link!

I'd love to see you over there sharing your thoughts and experiences.

As a final note, I won't be responding to any comments on any posts with a date of January 31, 2011, or later. You can find those posts on the new blog, and I'd prefer you ask the question over there. A few weeks ago, I updated the blurb above where you might post a comment mentioning this. If you want to share your thoughts or ask questions, please look for that post on the same date as it can be found over here.

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